Meet the Team

Bladimir Quito

Bladimir Quito exemplifies the journey of resilience, ambition, and community transformation. Migrating from Ecuador to the U.S. at the tender age of 18, he faced formidable challenges head-on, balancing work with his studies.

His relentless pursuit of education saw him mastering English, then earning an Associate’s in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor’s in Political Science and International Studies, and finally, a Master’s in Global Affairs from New York University.

As the visionary Executive Director of “Juventud Ecuatoriana,” he championed education for young migrants, profoundly influencing their lives.

His exceptional contributions led to his appointment as Vice Consul of Ecuador, serving both in New Jersey and currently in New York, roles in which he passionately supports the immigrant community.

Founding QINTI DOCUM, Bladimir guides Hispanic students toward higher education, demonstrating unwavering dedication to empowering migrants through education.

Gabriela Mayorga
Vice President

Gabriela Mayorga stands as an inspiring figure, embodying the power of resilience and dedication. An Ecuadorian immigrant, she’s leveraged her experiences to champion the health and well-being of migrant communities in New York City.

As Senior Manager at MetroPlusHealth, Gabriela crafts campaigns that bridge gaps between healthcare and those most in need, reflecting her deep commitment to equity and compassion. Previously, she innovated health support systems across multiple states, earning accolades from political leaders and making her a celebrated figure in public health. More than her professional achievements, Gabriela is a mother driven by a vision of a better future for her daughters and all children, honoring her own mother’s sacrifices.

Her journey is a testament to the impact one person can have on the world, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for women everywhere to aspire, achieve, and transform communities.

Ronald Bautista

Ron Bautista is focused on helping communities become more inclusive for people of all incomes, ages, and abilities. Born in Ecuador, Ron spent his adolescence and early adulthood in Hudson County as an undocumented immigrant with a long pathway to citizenship. That’s why over the years he’s aligned his career path with his passion for public service. He has 12 years of nonprofit management experience, and in the private sector he’s currently a Vicepresident of Marketing at JPMorgan Chase.

Ron is a member of the Hoboken Vision Zero Task Force, and a board member of the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy. He’s also the chairman of the Coalition for Food and Health Equity, a nonprofit organization that has been addressing meal and nutrition needs for over 1,000 families, and serving over 200,000 healthy meals since 2020. Ron is a long-time contributor of Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana, and has a Master’s in Political Communications and Governance from The George Washington University.

Yuri Martinez

Yuri Martínez is a trailblazer in economic and financial engineering, co-founding QintiDocum to bridge cultures through education.

With an impressive academic background from Escuela Politécnica Nacional and Université Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne,

Yuri has become a key figure in identifying vital tax credits for New Yorkers, enhancing financial literacy and empowerment.

Her leadership at QintiDocum since May 2022 reflects her dedication to making complex financial concepts accessible, demonstrating the powerful role of women in finance and entrepreneurship. Yuri’s work not only contributes to financial education but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring female leaders in STEM and business.

Paulina Jerez
Executive Director

Paulina Jerez R., a cultural manager and community leader in New York, has dedicated over two decades to fostering Ecuadorian culture and education abroad. With a rich background in the arts and theater, she believes in education as a tool for limitless improvement.

Paulina has played key roles in organizations like My Latino Roots and the Migrant Women’s Network in Queens, coordinating cultural events and educational programs that celebrate and support the Ecuadorian community. Her work extends to producing and hosting the radio show “Un Café en Familia,” where she highlights cultural themes and engages with the audience on matters close to the heart of immigrants.

Paulina’s academic journey includes studies in Social Sciences and Humanities at LaGuardia Community College, following her passion for Performing Arts at Universidad Espiritu Santo in Guayaquil. Through her multifaceted career, Paulina exemplifies how commitment to one’s roots and community can create impactful cultural bridges.

Carlos Guevara
Board Member

Carlos Guevara, book author, EdTech strategist, altruist, and frequent speaker at national and international conferences, is the Director of Educational Technology and Center for Teaching and Learning at Hostos Community College – CUNY, where he promotes a vision of organizational culture change through technological and pedagogical innovations.

Carlos co-authored the book “Developing Educational Technology at an Urban Community College” published in 2019, published several SoTL research articles, and contributed as expert panelist for the 2021 and 2022 Educause Horizon Reports.

Born in Ecuador, Carlos holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science and is currently pursuing his Ed.D. in Instructional Technology at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Hugo E. Almeida Jr.
Board Member

Hugo E. Almeida Jr. stands out with over 28 years in the tech and communications sector, particularly influencing the Latin American market.

As the President/CEO of Abitronix, LLC, and founder of HEA Media Group, Hugo merges technological insights with entrepreneurship through innovative platforms like the T20E World and TechFluencer Talk Podcasts.

Beyond his business achievements, he’s a dedicated mentor and speaker, nurturing the next wave of leaders and supporting Hispanic entrepreneurship.

His work on various boards and as a mentor reflects his commitment to inspiring change and fostering growth in communities and industries alike. Hugo’s journey highlights the power of vision, mentorship, and innovation in shaping a better future.