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Benefits for members (membership $ 60 per year):


  • Juve maintains a record of activities members hold during the year of membership
  • Personalized recommendation letter signed by the President of the Board of Directors
  • Professional profile web page in the JUVE Portal
  • Opportunities for “networking” with professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities to promote and give visibility to our members’ businesses.
  • Orientation / information on how to get into schools, universities, etc.
  • Support the creation of resume
  • Support in creating their own ePortfolio
  • Email account from the organization (example: john ortiz would have email)
  • Leadership training, team building, and other courses exclusive for members.JUVE T-shirt
  • Support and tutoring for the development and editing of “essays” to apply for scholarships and applications to universities, and other services depending on the case.
  • Participation in JUVE social activities
  • JUVE T-shirt
  • JUVE ID (Personalized photo identification)


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