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Paola Lojano

I am a proud recipient of the 2011 Ecuadorian Scholars Fund Scholarship. The award was just part of what I gained from being involved in the JUVE community. The seminars were informative and helpful and introduced me to the world of networking. The award assisted me during the second semester of my freshman year in college. It allowed me to move ahead in both my education and professional goals.

Starting college was not easy for me. I had to pay for most of my tuition on my own. The Ecuadorian Scholars Scholarship allowed me to continue my education during my spring semester and also have the opportunity to take summer classes and move forward with my education career. In addition, being involved with the great networking that JUVE offers has opened doors professionally. The members keep in touch about job openings that may be related to your individual professional interest. This is just part of what being involved in an organization that works together and cares about your educational future can offer.

Jose Izquierdo

My name is Jose Izquierdo and I am one of the proud recipients of the 2011 Ecuadorian Scholars Fund scholarship. This award has helped pave the road for continuing my education in order to graduate as a Civil Engineer by spring 2013. Professionally, it has been added to my resume, which adds diversity and honor to potential employers who have read it. Aside for helping me fund my education, the workshops served as great learning experiences and bonding sessions with fellow compatriots.

Enrique Lopez

I was extremely honored to be a recipient of the Ecuadorian Scholars Fund Award in 2011. I thank JUVE and all scholarship committee members for their vote of confidence, and support of my education. It is because of organizations like JUVE that I was able to focus on my studies and career goals, and complete my undergraduate degree in May 2012.

Thank you for believing in me and in what I can do. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Legal Studies in order to lead a life of service and to pay it forward — to provide others with the support and encouragement that I have been blessed with, and to ensure that the next generation of Ecuadorians is educationally prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

This summer (my first as a college graduate), I am participating in an all-expenses-paid training at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Herndon, VA. I am studying the Qur’an and Sunnah, attending intensive seminars on Islamic history and finance, and researching the growth of Islam in Latin America. Upon completion of this program, I hope to use my knowledge and skills to engage the Latino community and interfaith groups in the political process.

Once again, I am truly touched and thankful for the opportunity JUVE bestowed on me. In my studies thus far, I have learned that education is truly a collaborative effort — were it not for the friendship and generous support I received from organizations as education-driven as JUVE, I would have graduated from college with a tremendous amount of debt.