Who We Are

Organización Juventud Ecuatoriana (JUVE), is a nonprofit organization established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) organization based in New York City founded by young Ecuadorians residing in the US. JUVE empowers the Ecuadorian and Hispanic community by providing seminars, workshops, and forums in education, leadership, financial management, human and civil rights, and other valuable areas to succeed in this society. JUVE promotes Ecuadorian heritage and culture through various projects & initiatives. Through the Ecuadorian Scholars Fund, JUVE supports and motivates Ecuadorians to obtain a college degree, and thus develop as professionals.


JUVE promotes and facilitates the intellectual development of Ecuadorians worldwide.


JUVE aspires to become a self-sustaining entity that generates resources to invest in community/educational projects and establish its presence worldwide to strengthen and spread the wealth of Ecuadorian culture and identity.


  • Educate and empower the Ecuadorian community through seminars, workshops, forums, and initiatives focused on educational and other current issues and events that unfold in the community.
  • Spread Ecuadorian identity and heritage pride
  • Channel resources to create community projects
  • Create a global network


In March 2006, a group of young Ecuadorians who shared similar ideas and passion for altruism and community service, and also experienced the need for information and support; decided to create Juventud Ecuatoriana to empower the growing Ecuadorian community through education.

Informal meetings and the desire to make a difference in the community were used to structure, establish plans of action, and define the mission, vision, and objectives of the organization. In August 2006, the organization offered its first seminar called Immigration Awareness Forum, with a panel of experts of law with extensive experience in immigration issues. Even though there were few attendees, it was the encouraging force to continue with the next project GED classes in Spanish (equivalent to the high school diploma in the United States).

Since its founding, Organización Juventud Ecuatoriana’s work has been possible thanks to the support of private donors, both individuals, and businesses, as well as grassroots activities and funds raised by its members.

It has been a challenging but rewarding journey, which has gradually positioned JUVE within very few recognized group of organizations in the NY Tri-State area that share similar goals. Moreover, the organization is characterized by its focus on education, altruism, and community awareness.


JUVE has provided to the Ecuadorian and Hispanic community over 100 seminars in various topics (doors to higher education, technology literacy, access to financial aid and
scholarships, leadership, immigration, citizen rights, financial education, project management, art & culture, among others), offered GED classes in Spanish, seminars on Deferred Action – DACA, created projects such as DACA, Carnavalito Fest, Súbele el Volumen, among others. JUVE also participated in various community events, fundraising events for Ecuadorian non-profit institutions (Patronato San Jose, Jefferson Perez Foundation, Todos por Ecuador Campaign), participated as observers and registering people to vote in the Ecuadorian election processes in the US, and much more; serving over 10,000 people.

With the support of the community at large, JUVE will continue to provide and expand these services.

Here is a summary of what JUVE has achieved since its foundation:

  • 12 years as official 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Over 100 seminars in various
    topics (doors to higher education, technology literacy, leadership and many more)
  • 50 scholarship awarded in the last 10 years
  • More that 10 awards for its work and community service
  • Over 10,000 people served since its founding
  • More than 300 young Ecuadorians and Hispanics have been part of the organization
  • New York and New Jersey Chapters


JUVE has received a number of recognition and awards for its hard work, altruistic vision and contribution to stronger and more educated communities:

  • SLAM FEST Award for Excellence in Community Service – Voltaje Magazine – 2007
  • Excellence in Community Service – Ecuadorian Consulate of New York – 2007
  • New York City Council Proclamation for Excellence in Community Service – 2007
  • New York City Council Proclamation for Excellence in Community Service – 2008
  • Excellence in Community Service – Ecuadorian Consulate of New York – 2009
  • New York City Council Proclamation for Excellence in Community Service – 2009
  • New York State Assembly Proclamation for Excellence in Community Service – 2013

Past Projects:

Since our Foundation in 2006, JUVE has created several projects and programs that aimed to empower our community through information and education. Some of our past projects include seminars on Immigration, Technology, Leadership, Financial Management, Human
Rights, Civil Rights, Project Management, GED Programs and more. Our most popular seminar by far is “Doors to Higher Education,” due to the increasing interest of the Hispanic community in accessing a college education.

In previous years, JUVE has also contributed to projects that directly influence the participation of Ecuadorians in art, social and cultural matters. Clear examples are the Ecuadorian Renaissance, a project created to present different forms of plastic Arts created by Ecuadorians under the topic of immigration. Other projects that promote the culture and heritage pride are the Carnaval, Carnavalito event, and participation in Ecuadorian Parades every year.

Another great accomplishment of past JUVE initiatives was a series of “register to vote” campaigns for the Ecuadorian community in NY. This campaign reached over 1000 people and successfully encouraged our community to exercise their right to vote.