By: Janeth Cuzco


We live in a modern world, in which education is a key benefit for all people to reach their full potential. This will benefit their family,themselves and their nation. The most valuable asset of any nation is its people and the ability of each portrayed through their skills and educational levels. That’s why we must take into account that today’s youth will do our leaders of tomorrow and what better way to encaminarles through education. The progress and development require intelligent actions and intelligence is nurtured through education. Education not only increases the chances innovative and creative, but also helps one to find local link resources, international trade and more importantly to a new era of technology. Efficient education tends to motivate, to discover and disclose potential they never knew they had, due to lack of education and instruction. Knowledge feeds on knowledge. In other words, education is an unlimited process that is necessary for human survival, progress and development. So in order to improve the quality of life of the children of our future, we must encourage our youth to pursue a proper education and make our nation’s priority is education. We must take into account and understand that education is vital for young people who are the guardians of our nation and we must be prepared to acquire appropriate lessons and schooling. Let your voices be heard today, so they can respond to the help of tomorrow.

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