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Scholarships for Ecuadorian Students

The effectiveness of the program will be evaluated through constant contact with the scholarship winners. The students will receive calls every two weeks to understand their current situation and provide personalized assistance. Each student will be requested copies of documents from the university like: the list of classes to be attended in the fall semester, and the progress report. A copy of the report card will be requested at the end of the fall semester to verify that the student completed the semester and maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana will obtain donations through their own income generated in community and fundraising events. The events will generate revenue through sponsorships awarded by companies and institutions (public and private) interested in the opportunity to advertise and support the scholarship fund.


Since its founding in 2007, Organizacion Juventud Ecuatoriana’s work has been conducted with the cooperation of private donors, both individuals and small businesses, as well as with funds from the own pockets of the members who compose it. The task has not been easy but gradually JUVE has positioned itself within very few recognized group of organizations who share similar goals. Moreover, the organization is characterized by its focus on education and community awareness.

The annual scholarship project, with the creation of the permanent patrimonial fund “Ecuadorian Scholars Fund,” is without a doubt a most ambitious and important project, not only for the organization but for the community as a whole. This importance is due mostly because its success has a long-term and direct positive impact in the life of those who will benefit in participating in the scholarship contest, and those who earn the scholarship.

Private financing has been absolutely necessary to keep this program running. The economic contribution of institutions like yours will meet our goal of creating a permanent charitable fund, thereby increasing the number of students who can benefit from this fund each year. Therefore, we urgently request your support and ask you to join our efforts to build “strong professional to build strong communities.”

For information on how to participate in this project, please contact us at cguevara@juventudecuatoriana.org