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About JUVE

Organización Juventud Ecuatoriana (JUVE), is a nonprofit organization established in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) organization based in New York City founded by young Ecuadorians residing in the US. JUVE empowers the Ecuadorian and Hispanic community by providing seminars, workshops, and forums in education, leadership, financial management, human and civil rights, and other valuable areas to succeed in this society. JUVE promotes Ecuadorian heritage and culture through various projects & initiatives. Through the Ecuadorian Scholars Fund, JUVE supports and motivates Ecuadorians to obtain a college degree, and thus develop as professionals.



JUVE has provided to the Ecuadorian and Hispanic community over 60 seminars
in various topics (doors to higher education, technology literacy, access to financial aid and scholarships, leadership, immigration, citizen rights, financial education, project management, art & culture, among others), offered GED classes in spanish, seminars on Deferred Action – DACA, participated in various community events, fundraising events for Ecuadorian non-profit institutions (Patronato San Jose, Jefferson Perez Foundation, Todos por Ecuador Campaign), participated as observers and registering people to vote in the Ecuadorian election processes in US, and much more; serving over 10,000 people in these past years.

Our Work

Ecuadorian Scholars Fund (ESF)

In 2009, JUVE created the Ecuadorian Scholars Fund (ESF) to support more young Ecuadorians and adults alike achieve their goal of obtaining a college degree, and thus develop as professionals. Our organization created this Fund in the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to develop their potential, regardless of their socio-economic status. It is our goal to provide the motivating push and support to achieve their success…

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Our mission is to promote the development of our Ecuadorian youth in the US. You can be part of this journey to empower our growing and developing community.